The Metaphysical Society of America
Founded: 1950 Divider Member: American Council of Learned Societies

62nd Annual Meeting

March 11-12, 2011
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

Individual presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the title below. Or you can download the complete program and all presentations in a single pdf here.

Thursday Evening, March 10
7:30-9:30 (note change from 6:30) - Seminar Room of the Philosophy Department (214, Bowden Hall on the quadrangle)
Society for the Study of Process Philosophies
Moderator: Jude Jones (Fordham University)
Speaker: Daniel Dombrowski (Seattle University)
“Hartshorne, Plato, and the Concept of God”
Respondent: Brian G. Henning (Gonzaga University)

All MSA meetings will be held in room 206 of White Hall (slightly off the quadrangle)
Friday, March, 11
8:30 Welcome

9:00-10:10 Session I
Moderator Michal Gleitman (Emory University )
Speaker: James Murray Murdoch, Jr. (Villanova University)
“Humanism and Levinasian Metaphysics”
Respondent: Kent Still (Emory University)

10:20- 11:30 Session II
Moderator Colin McQuillan (Ogelthorpe University)
Speaker: Richard Parry (Agnes Scott College)
“Virtue Ethics and Metaphysics”
Respondent: Edward C. Halper (University of Georgia)

11:30-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:10 Session III
Moderator Verena Erlenbusch (University of Sussex, UK)
Speaker Anne Wiles (James Madison University)
“Modes of Being: Plato and Roman Ingarden”
Respondent Jude Jones (Fordham University)

2:20-3:30 Session IV
Moderator Eric Morelli (Emory University)
Speaker Owen Goldin (Marquette University)
“Humanism, Baboonism, and Being in Plato’s Theaetetus”
Respondent Peter Wakefield (Emory University)

3:40-4:10 Business Meeting

4:15-5:25 Session V
Moderator Andrew H. Ryder (Emory University)
Speaker Jeffrey Wilson (Catholic University of America)
“Foucault as Inverted Neo-Platonist in ‘A Preface to Transgression’”
Respondent Mark Causey (Georgia College and State University)

5:30-6:45 Session VI Keynote Address
Introduction Alan E White (Williams College)
Speaker Lorenz B. Puntel (University of Munich)
“Metaphysics : A Traditional Mainstay in Philosophy in Need of Radical Rethinking”

7:00-8:00 Reception (Faculty Lounge, 200 Mathematics and Science Center)

Saturday, March 12

9:00-10:05 Session VII
Moderator Richard Dien Winfield (University of Georgia)
Speaker Nathan R. Strunk (Boston University)
“Is the Doctrine of Transcendentals Viable Today?”
Respondent Alexander Hall (Clayton State University)

10:10-11:15 Session VIII
Moderator Dominic Balestra (Fordham University)
Speaker Jude P. Dougherty (Catholic University of America)
“Induction: Perennial Value of the Aristotelian Perspective”
Respondent Fred Marcus (Emory University)

11:20-12:25 Session IX
Moderator Elizabeth Butterfield (Georgia Southern University)
Speaker Paul Santilli (Siena College)
“Ontological Crimes against Humanity”
Respondent Michael Sullivan (Emory University)

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:35 Session X
Moderator David S. Pacini (Emory University)
Speaker Elizabeth Ann Robinson (Boston University)
“Kant on Freedom, Causality and Natural Disasters”
Respondent Apaar Kumar (Emory at Oxford)

2:40-3:45 Session XI
Moderator Sebastian Rand (Georgia State University )
Speaker J.D. Singer (De Paul University)
“Sharing the Flesh of the World: Merleau-Ponty and the Problem of
Animal Minds
” (Aristotle Prize)
Respondent William Hamrick (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville)

3:50-4:55 Session XII
Moderator Paul Gaffney (St. John’s University)
Speaker Eric Thomas Weber (University of Mississippi)
“Humanism and Leadership”
Respondent Wes De Marco (Clark University)

5:00-6:30 Presidential Address
Introduction Edward C. Halper (University of Georgia, President elect, MSA)
Speaker Thomas R. Flynn (Emory University)
“What ever Happened to Humanism? Reconciling the Being of Language and the Being of Man"

7:00 pm Banquet
Presentation of the Findlay Book Prize to Lorenz B. Puntel for Structure and Being: A Theoretical Framework for a Systematic Philosophy, trans. Alan White (Penn State University Press, 2008)
by Francis P. Coolidge, Jr. (Loyola University, New Orleans)
Houston Mill House, 849 Houston Mill Road
Emory University